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How to avoid driver license suspension

A DUI license suspension may be a slap on the wrist but its effect is terrible.

DUI License Suspension

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In this age where you badly need your car to go to the office, run errands, a DUI license suspension can change your life in a way that you have never hoped for or even imagined. You might find yourself speechless and shocked if you have your license suspended.

A dui drivers license suspension is no laughing issue. Such suspension will forever remain on your record and it can affect the way you used to live before. It can greatly affect your routine. Before, you drive your car to go to your office at ease but because you do not have your license at the moment, you are forced to use public transportation. Traffic, crowded people, intense heat, and hassle await you.

Your license suspension can also affect you in financial matters. You might have applied for future loans or credit cards. If the lending company discovers that you had your license suspended, they might reject your application.

Therefore, if you are facing a license suspension, the smartest thing to do is to consult a California DUI attorney who can give you legal advice on the proper course of action.

Getting yourself a lawyer can help you challenge the DUI license suspension.  A skilled and experienced DUI lawyer can present a variety of factors which lead to your license suspension. He will bring up issues such as “Was the stopping of the car valid?”, “Did the officers make the right procedures during the stop?” So, you really have to remember every detail of the incident when your license was suspended so that you can inform your California DUI attorney of what really happened. Once your lawyer gathered all the facts in hand, he can successfully challenge your DUI license suspension and get back your driving privileges.

Nowadays, it is really difficult for many people to live without the ability to travel freely with their own vehicles. And dui drivers license suspension is the worst way of losing this privilege. It is just one of the dui penalties in California and it does not sound good at all.

So, better think twice or even thrice before driving after attending a party where you have consumed a lot of alcohol.  Do not make that one fun night out cost you months or even years of losing  your driving privileges.

Free DUI consultations


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Interviewing a DUI lawyer in Santa Rosa

Interviewing a DUI lawyer in Santa Rosa

Taking advantage of the free DUI consultation.

Having you or anyone in your family involved in a court case is truly stressful and will require a lot of your time to manage. Regardless whether you’re on the side of the victim or from the suspect, you will need to allot ample time to attend court hearings and other meetings related to the case. Of course, nobody wants to be burdened when it comes to filing cases and having to attend the hearings. But if you already are then all you can do is be ready with all you’ve got and that includes financially capability.

In the event that the case you are involved in will be drinking-under-the-influence related, you will need to hire a DUI lawyer Santa Rosa or depending on the place where the crime is committed. One of the first things that a future client must do is finding a lawyer suitable to handle the case. However, the mistake most clients do is they just say yes and get the services of any lawyer recommended at a law firm.

You should always check first the capability of the specific lawyer referred to you. If you must attend any court hearings presided or where that attorney is present then do it so you can assess that person’s ability in defending you and winning your case. Ask for referrals from other people who underwent the same cases and as much as possible, also ask the DUI attorney fees.

This is the second mistake that clients commit especially when they’re distraught and can’t think clearly. The DUI attorney cost must be within your finance limit or if not then scout for a better lawyer with payable costs. Most of the time, the fees collected by experienced DUI attorney Galt or California will be $5, 000 to $8, 000 for first time offenders and can reach up to $15, 000. The cost depends on the degree of the case and may be paid via credit card or any kind of paying understanding you have with the attorney.

Third mistake is when you fail to meet with the actual DUI lawyer who will defend you in court. You need to meet them and ask them what you need to know and do when you’re in court. Because if not then there may be a chance that they’ll just give you a newbie or a second-rate attorney, and not meeting your expectations for the type of attorney you requested and paid for.

And the DUI lawyer Santa Rosa that you must get should have local knowledge of how the case should go through and other details like DUI age statistics related to your specific case.


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What is a DUI in California Anyway?

A recent and valid question from another blog out there. This is something that many people may wonder as they are out and about, considering  the “what if” Here’s a response from someone who summed it up quite well.

There are two different statues that govern how an individual

can be charged with DUI in the state of California. The first applies to whether or not the person who is driving under the influence is impaired more than a sober person would be. The officer on the scene is allowed to make a subjective judgment about an individual’s driving capabilities. If the officer feels that you are impaired due to either alcohol or drugs to the point that your driving is not safe, you can be arrested for DUI.

The other way to be charged with DUI in California is based on your blood alcohol content, or BAC. If your BAC is .08% or higher, you can be arrested for DUI, even if you pass all of the field sobriety tests and are driving as any sober person would.

DUI Arrests in California

Being arrested for DUI in California automatically sentences you to two separate cases. You face both a criminal court case and a case in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Both are serious cases, but the DMV case comes with more urgency. According to California DUI laws, you only have 10 days after your arrest to request the DMV hearing. If you fail to do so in the required time frame, you will automatically lose the privilege to drive after 30 days. For this reason, it is imperative that you connect with a qualified California DUI attorney to file the necessary paperwork to get your hearing with the DMV.

As you can see a DUI is a serious matter that needs attention. This will not go away and most likely will have serious consequences if you ignore it. Contact our office for a free DUI consultation today.

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